Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Med update - April 11th

Originally began as a post for the Nomad Politcs site but decided to bring it here so it doesn't clog things over there) MRI results came back. Spoke with the liver specialist on the phone and he gave me the rundown. (I see him in person next week). It's a good news/bad news thing. He doesn't have the original scan from the previous dr, so he couldn't tell if there was more damage in the liver, but he said my numbers were all really good. Platelets, bilirubin, coagulation ability, etc. My MELD number (Model for End-stage Liver Disease) has dropped, and that is good. It's a number they come up with based on all of the results that come back from the blood panel. I was pretty high up there last time it was configured. It is what they base your place on a a transplant list once you qualify. I was in the 4th tier (highest / dire ) and I'm now down to the lower end of the third tier. Based on my numbers, it looks like the small bit of liver that's functioning is doing good work. However, bad news is that something is up with the pancreas now. Lesions, varices and such. This is new. It was perfectly clear before. So, we'll do another blood workup, add some additional cancer marker checks (I have one that is flagged, but they said the liver damage can do that, but they are watching it). Also have a mass on my spleen that they want to pay attention to. In a few weeks we'll do another MRI. I have pain but otherwise I have pretty decent days, so .... I'm going with glass half full for now. Unless I have a bleed-out internally or contract a whopper illness or get an infection, we're just going to keep a close watch, keep doing what I'm doing, make sure my body qualifies for a transplant in case things take a turn, and just keep on keepin' on! Next round of drs begins this morning at 8am. Was afraid of not hearing the alarm so go up at 4. I shall be napping today, oh yes I shall. I still don't have DISQUS set up, so any responses can be posted at Nomad's or you can drop a line to: GardenGate@southbuffalo.net I have more posts that are in draft mode. With everything going on with health things and then my step-father dying so suddenly a few days ago ( I can't believe it's only been a week!) and everything else, I just never end up finishing them. Seems like I'm coming into a more settled time though and I can get back to work with all of my online projects. Have a fabulous day!
Ronni / Buffalogal

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