Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 4th 

Most people know me from the Nomadic Politics site.  (I know - I've said it before.  I have that problem with repeating.  I've accepted it as .... a thing)

There was a moment this evening where I mentioned on that site that I am dying of organ failure.  But it also came up that I have dealt with addiction. I said it on the blog and I'm running with it.    While the addiction did not entirely contribute to what I'm dealing with, it was involved. I have been fine with that aspect for a long time.   Severe infection due to diverticulitis and end results from a hysterectomy did me in.

 I do know this place.  I felt like I should say something to simply give a nod and a hug to those who have been there and who are going through it now.    I know we may or may not have groups that we have chosen to help us.   I did not.  I went through it via other avenues, but I went through it and got through it.  Thanks to those on our side and the the other side that help us get there.  And, when we struggle, to those that work with us, no matter which side of the veil they are helping from.

I just wanted to say this.  To share with those that are dealing, who have been through it before, and who have those that are loved, going through it.