Tuesday, February 28, 2017


When I was a short little wee one ( sort of still am at 5'2"),  the Ukrainian/Russian/Polish side of my family were convinced that I was an old soul.   You would think that would be a respectful thing but, instead, they simply found me entertaining.  I was a talker from an early age and  I would talk to them about things that , for whatever reason, made sense to my little self.  They would pat me on the head, give me some coins for the penny candy store, and a dollar or two for cigarettes. (Back then, at 5 , you could buy beer and cigs for your family as long as you had a note written on any sort of scrap paper. I was always off to the corner store for my aunties.

   My Grandfather used to come in and just look at me.   He was the one that "knew" me.  Taught me how to talk to squirrels.   I was 8ish when he died.   He came to me -  right after he passed.   I remember it clearly.   He was in my room and said, "tell everyone that I'm well"   (translated.  but that was the gist)      I tried to tell my parents.   They scolded me and sent me back to my room.     But I knew it was real.   And it was mine to keep.

So!  as the years went on, I had this "thing".  I had dreams, premonitions, "knowings".  

As this blog goes on, I'll put more out there.  But for tonight, it's this link.  (my links will always be odd, but I'm putting them out there because -  well ..... why not?   And, I can!.


If you're here and reading -    "hello to you"  



  1. Hey Ronni! The link didn't work for me, but your post was interesting. Have you had a premonition about nmp? Like how long he will be in office?

  2. Linda - did you rec'v my response. I seem to not be able to work this dang thing. Anyone wanting to reach me can do so by way of ronni@southbuffalo.net And, i just don't care anymore about putting info out there (it matters not anymore) If you are in a space to talk, 716-824-0742. I have doctors, nurses, counselors, wrong numbers , etc. that call every day. I'd love to get a call that was unexpected. ( 4-3-2-1 ) G0!

    1. Ronni, I sent you an email. Have a wonderful day! :)

  3. I'm getting caught up on reading your blog. Very interesting and I believe you have a gift. You could be a medium
    able to get messages from the hereafter.